Minutes of Jensen Beach Country Club Annual Homeowners Meeting on February 6, 2013

The Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm

Board Members Present:

Renee Doss, President

Howard Connolly

Helen McFarlin

Renee announced that Board Members, Howard Connolly, and Helen McFarlin had been voted back in for the next 2 years.

Adam Grayson from Lake & Wetland, Management was our Guest Speaker and he explained their responsibility in keeping our Lakes and Preserves in good condition according to the requirements of Martin County. He also explained that this year they would be working 10 to 12 feet into the Preserves to create a Fire Break. He also explained that dead trees are not removed from the Preserves unless they are a hazard to homeowner’s property.

Items that were brought up by homeowners:

Speeding within the Community: -Install additional stop signs, -install passive speed control devices, and/ or request Martin County Sheriff’s Office to begin random speed checks This item has been brought up before and there does not appear to be a good solution since homeowners continue to speed and not stop at Stop Signs. The consensus of the audience was not to install the stop signs.

Periodic testing of the sprinkler system during daylight hours: It was explained, that M&M has hired another irrigation manager, which be on board the end of February to do strictly maintenance of our system on a regular basis

Amendment to Article XII Section 4-Animals & Pets It is recommended that homeowners submit license tags, for each pet to the Association. This will be reviewed by the Board.

Royal Oak and Golden Oak It was also brought up that at the corner of Royal Oak and Golden Oak the brush should be trimmed back to allow better vision at that corner – this has been done.

Irrigation Pump Problems were also brought up, which will be discussed with M&M.

A homeowner also brought up the subject of having your address on your mailbox. It was explained in our October, 2012 Newsletter that addresses should not be displayed on the mailbox, however if your address is not visible on your house due to shrubbery or trees you can contact the office to have them trimmed or you may move the address to an area on your house where it is visible.

It was also, recommended that we leave the Back Gate Open on Saturday’s for the construction trucks since it is holding up traffic. This has been taken care of the Gates are open Monday thru Saturday from 7am thru 4pm for construction traffic.

It was also recommended that the guards be present at night instead of during the day. This has been recommend before and the Board does not agree with this suggestion.

Another question was asked as to why the other Board Members do not attend the meetings. It was, explained that the other Board Members are involved in all items that need to be resolved, however we only need three members for a quorum, and it is not necessary to have everyone there.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.